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"Mr. Patrick Silva recently shot our engagement photo session in both Sunnyvale and Monterey. Patrick was professional, but at the same time made the shoot a lot of fun. He really uses natural light to the subject's benefit, and he is good at capturing real life moments, as opposed to only shooting photos of us posed. He very much captured our personalities, and did not make us do anything we didn't want to do, which we really enjoyed. He is also very comfortable to talk to and makes you feel comfortable as he takes tons of photos of you. The pictures came out FANTASTIC! We wanted to take some with our dog, "Watson", and Patrick managed to train that dog to sit and look at the camera so he could get some good pictures. And they came out adorable. AND at our request, he photoshopped a monocle and a cigar on our dog (which we LOVED). We highly recommend P. Silva Studios for any of your photographer needs - he is professional, talented, and a lot of fun to work with."

Diana Paulson
BSN, RN, PHN, CNRN, Stanford Health Care Neurosurgery Dept.

"I bought my first DSLR six years ago and have truly enjoyed photography ever since. I love taking pictures of my daughter and family. People started to take notice of my family pictures and next thing you know they are hiring me. I was a true amateur needing to take my photography skills to the next level. I needed to go from point-and-shoot to being in full control and having some confidence. I began my search for lessons or classes, but ended up finding much more at P. Silva Studios. I found a mentor a real teacher of photography. Not someone just trying to fill classes. Mr. Silva is a real professional. He took the time to review my pictures before so he could prepare our lesson. Most importantly he listened to what I wanted to learn and he delivered. Patrick was able to break all the information down so I could easily understand. In one single lesson my skills had dramatically improved. I really enjoyed working with Patrick; I immediately became comfortable with him and Iím looking forward to my next lesson. I highly recommend for P. Silva studios for anyone with a passion for photography. He can help anyone at all levels. Give him a shot - you wonít be disappointed."

Dennis James
Branch Manager, National Trench Safety, LLC

"I have known Patrick for years so when I needed help with the graphics for my business, I knew exactly where to go. I gave him a very rough idea for what I needed and he ran with it. I couldnít be happier with the results. I love the logo that he came up with for my company and all of the designs fit together wonderfully. Moreover, his turnaround time was quick and working with him was fun and easy. My clients are constantly impressed by his work and I would recommend P. Silva Studios to anyone needing photography, design, or marketing services."

Briana Brasch
Owner & Aquatics Specialist, Applied Reefing

"We are extremely happy with Patrick's work in our program. We hired him for a one-week photography project for our youth leadership program, and he was terrific. Very professional, absolutely immersed in the experience, went out of his way to help with other parts of the project, and was receptive of feedback. We received amazing shots and really enjoyed getting to know Patrick."

Eddie Medina
Program Director, Bay Area Youth Leadership America

"I have been a huge fan of photography for many years. About 4 years ago I bought my first 'fancy' camera. Immediately after opening the instruction manual I was completely confused and overwhelmed. For my anniversary gift this year my husband bought me a lesson through P. Silva Studios. I have to say I was a bit nervous and a little more than intimidated on what to expect. Patrick immediately put me at ease. He was extremely patient with me, provided me with plenty of hands-on experience and put me right at ease with my camera. In the 2-hour lesson I felt more confident about shooting an image the way I want it. Thank you Patrick! I am looking forward to our next session."

Danica L.
Budding Photographer

"Patrick Silva is an exceptional person and a multi-talented graphic designer / video editor / photographer. Add to the above the fact that his work ethics are second to none and you have found a very dependable person who can help you implement your project without having to sweat it out. I strongly recommend Patrick, without any reservations!"

Karim Pirani
Founder & CEO, Safelist Ventures, Inc.

"Patrick is a consummate professional and I can't recommend him enough. I was highly impressed by his artistic vision, diligent correspondence, and lightening fast turn around time. He listened carefully to what I wanted and was able to incorporate my ideas along with some his own to create a logo that I absolutely love. I couldn't be happier and am planning on using his talents again and again. Don't waste your time with other artists who charge you an arm and a leg and don't deliver. You won't be disappointed if you hire Patrick."

Angelique C.
Instructor, BodyLogic Pilates

"Patrick Silva went above and beyond my expectations as well as more than satisfied my requirements. I was appreciative of his tireless work ethic, quick turnaround, and attention to detail. Patrick listened and was able to address my needs, making several great suggestions that made my finished website more polished and professional than I could have imagined. Patrick was also extremely knowledgable - taking the time to break down the big concepts of httml/CSS coding in a generous crash course so that I will be able to edit the site myself in the future. I was thoroughly impressed working with Patrick, and would absolutely recommend his multi-faceted services."

Erin Fagen
Metalsmith and Jewelry Artist

"I will hire Patrick Silva for my next event without hesitation! He is a wonderful photographer. Patrick listens to what you want and delivers amazing photographs. If you want a photographer that will meet with you prior to go over your wants and requests, show up on time, be polite and sincere and leave you with many beautiful pictures, Patrick is your man!"

BriAnna W.
Massage Therapist & HHP, Inner Radiances

"I have used Patrick for graphic work for four years now. He has done print work for brochures and advertisements. He has designed multiple t-shirts for us. His work is exceptional and he is expedient. His attention to detail is flawless. Communication, with the internet, has always been within the same day. I have given him general ideas of what I want and he comes up with incredible display ads and designs. I plan on using his services as much as I can."

Steve Duz
Sensei, RB Karate Center

"P. Silva Studios went above and beyond what I expected from a professional photography service. I had a wonderful experience with PSS as my specific wishes were personally addressed when I proposed to my fiancťe. I highly recommend P. Silva Studios for all of your professional photography needs."

Arjun Patel
Student of Osteopathic Medicine

"Patrick Silva provided us with a wonderful service by taking our engagement photos. He provided a relaxed and fun experience where he easily captured our personality in his photos. He is very professional and easy to work with! He made sure we got great photos. I would absolutely recommend P. Silva Studios! Thank you so much for the photos!!!!"

Rebecca K.
Community Director, University of Arizona

"I had a great experience at psilva studios, it was a very professional and fun atmosphere which made me feel very comfortable. I've had many of my pictures taken through psilva studios, I've had a tattoo designed through them as well. I plan on having my wedding photos done through them and wouldn't dream of going to anyone else for any pictures or graphics I need done."

Cassie L.
Veterinary Student

"Patrick at P. Silva Studios performs well not only in photography, but graphic design and computer work as well. I hired him to build me a new computer and it performs superbly. Previously I had an older laptop, but now with my new desktop I am able to perform multiple tasks that previously were quite difficult. As a student, amateur photographer, and gamer, it was very important to be able to run multiple programs, games, and music all at once. Patrick has worked for me, along side me, and I've also worked for him on many photographic endeavors. These varied from weddings, personal photo shoots, and night time adventures capturing that perfect long exposure shot. He has helped with my Photoshop experience in the altering and enhancing of pictures. I will definitely be going back to him in the future."

Joseph T.
Intern, SANDAG

     "A few years ago a roommate who owns his own IT company built me a high end custom computer. Years later, viruses had completely deteriorated its function to a point where, upon startup, my screen would just show a million pop-ups, no program icons, and then quickly restart itself. I attempted a restart in safe mode to find more of the same and worse. Furthermore, two of the fans and one of my CD drives had stopped working; one of the internal hard drives and some of the auxiliary ports never worked; and I had a solid state drive I needed installed and loaded for optimal performance (however thatís done). Having taken many computers to repair over the years, I've always found the average IT specialist to be almost entirely apathetic regarding the personalized functions I want to keep, alter, or acquire. In fact, Iíve never even had a single one of them ask me what I use my computer for. I mean, really??? Really think about that for a moment. Thatís like a hair stylist not asking how you want your hair cut; or a tailor not taking your measurements. Itís just one size fits all? NoÖ Iíve NEVER seen a single home computer look or feel the same as another. In the past, I had reluctantly given myself up to this lack of personal attention. However, the computer I have now is a different case. Itís not some old laptop I just use for school, or in my room. It is my only computer, and I use it for literally everything, including the entertainment hub for my entire home. Basically, what I needed was one of those computer savvy friends who could sit down to comb through issues and setup WITH me. But where does one find someone like that?
     Enter Patrick Silva!
     When I showed up he had a legitimate new version of Windows 7 for me, which he picked up for about $50 cheaper than I would have been able to find. Next, he quickly bypassed the viruses and found all my ďmissing dataĒ, that I thought had been lost for good. We sat together going through my files and determining which I wanted to keep for the re-install, and which I could, and/or should, do away with. As if thatís not enough, he actually gave me a quick lesson on the inner workings of a computer and showed me what he was doing, with pointers, so I might be able to take on such tasks myself in the future. The next night I showed up to find my computer completely cleaned, inside and out, all the internal cables organized with zip ties, the fans/CD drive/and auxiliary ports working, and Windows 7 loaded with all my data/programs, plus some additional freeware to better protect against viruses for the future. He also reoriented and reset my memory sticks for optimal performance, and went ahead and downloaded/installed the basic programs Iíd made mention of the night before (iTunes, uTorrent, AVG Free, VLC Media Player, etcÖ) We then installed my new SSD, again all the while showing me how and what he was doing; and my computer was ready to take home that night.
     Initially when I got home, I couldnít get my WiFi working, but one text to Patrick had him on the phone talking me through it in minutes. Now my PC is noticeably better than it EVER was! Everything is running smoothly, and I couldnít be happier. I have all my programs back, and the ones that never worked due to some installation mishap, on my part, work now.
     Not only that, but the fact that I can even begin to articulate what was done to achieve all this is proof to me that I gained more than just a working computer. I learned A LOT from Patrick walking me through his process, and Iíve already put it to good use.
     In short, Iím never taking any of my computer needs anywhere other than P. Silva Studios, and I recommend the same to all my friends. No one else even comes close."

Scott Tellez
Happy Customer